One of the renowned Kathakali performers from Southern India, Kalamandalam Shijukumar was born on 10th April 1977, at Thachonam, a village in Kollam Dist. When he was a kid, he was fascinated by the Katakali performances conducted at the Thachonam Devi temple, near to his home. Unlike his childhood friends, he created some color combinations by himself and tried to perform as the real Kathakali Perfomers. Read More


Kathakali a highly classical Dance-Drama, is typical Kerala ballet of yore. It is being accepted as an international art form. Most colorful costumes, symbolical facial makeup, highly rhythmical steps, body movements and body posters ably support the language of Kathakali- the expressive code of gestures or hand signs "MUDRA" to convey message.

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The traditional costume worn in Mohiniyattam is white with a gold border, and gold ornaments are worn. The unique coiffure with hair gathered on the left side of the head reflect it's aesthetic appeal, making it distinct from the other dance forms of India. The regional system of music that Mohiniyattam follows is the SOPANA style which in it's lyricism is evocative of the spiritual element.

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